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Shingled roofs workmanship: David Tulloch Roofing
This warranty is subject to the following conditions;

(a) Our obligation, under this warranty represents the full extent of our liability for, or arising out of the installation.
(b) We shall not be held liable in any way for any damage to the said building or to any contents thereof, or for any interruption of business or occupancy.
(c) We shall not be held liable for or to affect repairs or replacement of the roof made necessary by any cause other than faulty workmanship on our part.
(d) If damage to the roof occurs, the owner shall notify us immediately and if repairs are required under this warranty the owner shall allow us a reasonable period of time to affect such repairs.
(e) For the duration of the warranty the owner shall undertake to perform or have performed, at his own expense, the following maintenance:
(1) To keep all roof drains, eaves troughs, and downspouts free from obstruction at all times in order to permit normal evacuation of water from the roof surface.
(2) To keep the roof free from excessive accumulation of snow, ice and water; and;
(3) To ensure the moisture level inside the building is not excessive.
(f) No responsibility or liability is assumed in respect of repairs made necessary by gales, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms, lightning, earthquakes, or similar natural phenomena or hazards.
(g) If altercations are made to the original work by parties other than David Tulloch Roofing, this warranty will become null and void.
(h) Complete payment to David Tulloch Roofing for the above work, within the specified time period of the contract, is a condition precedent to this warranty taking affect.
(i) The warranty is issued to the owner of the building at the time the work is performed and is transferable to a new owner one time only. David Tulloch Roofing must be notified within 60 days of the ownership transfer or warranty will become null and void.



“I would like to say Thank You. We invested in a company that believes in quality and craftsmanship, and these days, that's a rare thing.
You came with knowledge and integrity and did a professional, clean job with skill and knowledge at a fair price. No one could ask for more from a contractor. We are grateful that you and your crew took such good care to
ensure our home and family are housed under a solid piece of craftsmanship.
Dave, we would recommend your company to anyone who might be in need of quality service at a fare rate. Kindest Regards,

Fred and Colleen Goodchild”